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Dr. John J. Bowden Jr., D.O., P.C.
Treatment Plan:

Our staff physicians will establish a well thought out plan that is consistent  and sensitive to your patients identified needs.

Treatment Will include:
Realistic Goal Appropriately
Effective Therapy Methods
Prescribed Treatment Frequencies

Case Management:

To Promote our quality assurance program we track and access all your progress throughout your entire stay. We maintain open communication and a high degree of quality standards. Our physicians along with their support staff will provide a sufficient level of compliance while recommending and coordinating all ancillary care with other professional services.


Exercise has many benefits for people who have injuries to muscles and joints.  Many patients refrain from exercise because they are too sore.  Initially, rest is good after an injury; however a prolonged period of rest causes tightness, weakness and increased pain.  When you begin to exercise, your body releases chemicals that control pain and help reduce inflammation of the connective tissues and joints,  (the cause of pain in many cases).  Exercise also strengthens and relaxes muscles injured by trauma.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) I feel it's too soon for me to exercise, I still have pain. Rest is helpful but usually for short periods.

If you continue to rest,  your muscles and joints get tighter and weaker which increases your pain levels.

2)  What kind of exercise will I have to perform?

The exercises prescribed at this office are considered light to moderate in intensity.  The movements are designed to improve your vascular function (heart and lungs) and strengthen and stretch sore muscles using light weights.  We discourage heavy "training" because our office provides rehabilitation services and is not a gym program.  You will never be asked to perform any movements or exercises that make you feel uncomfortable.  We will ask you to try certain movements and all we ask is that you try your best to attempt them.  We always respect your limitations.
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Dr. John J. Bowden Jr.

Family Medicine and Pain Management over 28 years of experience.
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Our staff of physicians are ready to serve your medical needs and develop a plan that is appropriate and sensitive to the patient's identified needs.
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